SHOEI ARAI OGK Which do you choose ?

  • VZ-RAM Series

    ★ VZ-RAM Series

  • SZ-G Series

    ★ SZ-G Series

  • CT-Z Series

    ★ CT-Z Series

  • MZ Series

    ★ MZ Series

  • CLASSIC-MOD Series

    ★ CLASSIC-MOD Series

  • S-70

    ★ S-70

Toward the purchase hope

  • ・Attention about purchase from foreign countries!!
    ・helmet is a safe standard conformity article in Japan
    ・helmet is a product for Japanese country
    ・The foreign safety standards do not meet it
    ・It is not available as a helmet out of Japan
  • ・You are to bear the import duty and all other local expenses at the destination.

Payment and delivery method

  • ・Payment
     computerized account settlement such as pay pal
  • ・delivery
     EMS( DDU at your place )

Guidance of GHOST_TOWN'S

  • ・Holiday
     Saturday and Sunday, a festival day (Japan time)
  • ・Business hours
     11:00 am ~ 4:00 pm (Japan time)
  • ・Contact
     The inquiry over the telephone cannot support
     Please contact me by an email.

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